02.Location Map2010.03.27 13:28
One Shangri-La Place Hotel Residence Manila Ortigas Luxury Condo For Sale - Site Plan
One Shangri-La Place Hotel Residence Manila Ortigas Luxury Condo For Sale - Site Plan

One Shangri-La Place Site Plan

Please For More Inquire Look For Jimmy Lee
632 996 8362
63 915 890 7914
E-Mail : wonwoolee612@hotmail.com
One Shangri-La Place : http://oneshangri-laplace.tistory.com/
Manila Real Estate : http://manilalife.tistory.com/

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One Shangri-La Place - Site Plan  (3) 2010.03.27
One Shangri-La Place - Location Map  (2) 2010.03.27
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